@      SCCG Management, Versus FC team up for MMA engagement

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SCCG Management, Versus FC team up for MMA engagement

This collaboration is designed to bring substantial advancements to the MMA business model, with a keen focus on the Brazilian market and aspirations for a broader global expansion.

The collaboration aims to modernise the MMA business model by incorporating advanced business practices and structures often seen in other sports.

A key aspect of this partnership involves the integration of an interactive community platform, which the companies say will grant fans more engagement by allowing them to have a say in fights and athletes' involvement, akin to the dynamics of fantasy sports.

Through this partnership, both companies aim to revolutionise fan engagement and establish new standards for MMA, ensuring fans around the world will have a more personalised experience. 

On the partnership, Tom Huggins, CEO of Versus FC, says: “ We are pleased to join forces with SCCG,Play Casino Online a worldwide leader in our industry. This partnership with a key player in the sports sector allows us to concentrate on our core competencies while extending our efforts and capabilities to better realise our shared vision of enhancing and evolving fan engagement for sports enthusiasts worldwide, in line with market demands."

Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG underscores the significance of this alliance, stating: "Our partnership with Versus FC underscores our dedication to evolving the sports engagement landscape. 

“By integrating our expertise, particularly from our substantial presence in Brazil, we are working together to pioneer an interactive model where fans actively shape the trajectory of the sport they love. This marks the future of fan engagement, and we are eager to be at the forefront alongside Versus FC."